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Berberine vs. Metformin — Which One Should You Choose?

Berberine vs. Metformin — Which One Should You Choose?

Let us compare Berberine vs Metformin!

As we get older, we are increasingly faced with the reality of mortality. Our limbs are not as elastic, we do not proceed as we used to and also the body is generally slower to perform tasks such as rebuilding bone and muscle.

Moreover, autophagy puts in, reducing the mobile content turnover and the body ultimately finds it hard to suppress oxidation. The fantastic news is that there is something we can do in order to improve the human body’s repair mechanism so we may expand our lifespan.

We all know people who eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly during long periods of time tend to look and feel years younger.

That’s because living a wholesome lifestyle can help expand longevity by enhancing the repair functions of the body. Recent anti-aging study proves that taking geroprotector supplements called Metformin and Berberine can considerably boost the body’s repair function too.

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The bioactive compound called Berberine is specifically extracted from a group of plants known as Berberis shrubs, hence the name.

It is part of the alkaloid group of compounds. Owing to the characteristic yellow color, Berberine is frequently used as a dye.

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Though mainstream medicine has only recently become conscious of Berberine, the Chinese have been using it as a flexible form of treatment for centuries.

Due to scientific studies, we now know of the massive health benefits of this health-enhancing compound, especially when it comes to prolonging our life span.


So far, hundreds of studies have been conducted on Berberine. Every one of these studies unequivocally demonstrates that Berberine specifically impacts our biological systems. What makes Berberine so unique is the fact that it goes straight to your bloodstream as soon as you consume it. From there, it travels to your cells where it links itself to”molecular goals” that need changing or upgrading.

Once within your cells, Berberine gets to work by activating the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for controlling your metabolism, also you may find it almost everywhere in the body, including your heart, liver, kidneys muscles as well as on the mind.

Berberine doesn’t stop there. Because it also has an effect on your own genes by arousing the molecules within your cells.


The prescription drug called Metformin is often recommended for individuals that suffer from health conditions. All these are conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood glucose.

It’s available as an oral solution as well as an oral tablet as well.

There are two sorts of Metformin tablets available on the current market, namely extended-release tablets and immediate-release pills.

The extended-release pills can be found in the form of well-known drugs such as Glumeta, Fortamet and Glucophage XR. The immediate-release aspect of the medication is principally accessible as the drug Glucophage.

Additionally, there are generic variations of both tablet types and these are usually more affordable. However, you are not as likely to acquire the strength variety that is available with big-brand drugs.

It is often suggested to utilize Metformin tablets in conjunction with a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise in order to relish its true benefits.

Additionally, it is common for physicians to urge that patents require it in combination with other medications as part of a complete treatment.


The Metformin drug a part of the group of drugs that operate similarly to one another in treating specific ailments.


  • It reduces the amount of sugar that goes to your blood
  • It enables your liver to excrete less glucose
  • It improves your body’s ability to use insulin

Insulin is a type of hormone whose task it is to regulate blood sugar levels so that there’s isn’t too much sugar from the blood.


What is this movie about the gap between Berberine vs Metformin for Bodybuilding purposes?

Both these chemicals are extremely popular amongst bodybuilders.

If I personally had to compare berberine vs metformin for bodybuilding purposes, I’d go with Berberine.

It’s simple to get and there’s lots of research to back this up.


When you look at it by a cellular level, both Metformin and Berberine work in a similar way. Both compounds create an environment that promotes healthy blood sugar levels. Both compounds work to boost the activity of the AMPK enzyme, which is generally activated during fasted states or whenever you are engaged in intense exercise.


When AMPK is activated, there is a higher uptake of fatty acids and sugar from the bloodstream, the storage of fat and glucose is stopped, and your cells have access to greater energy.

AMPK facilitates quick and long-lasting results by instantly phosphorylating enzymes in addition to their transcription factors. Metformin eases faster cellular energy uptake just as well as Berberine, and this, in turn, eases the processing of energy storage.

When AMPK is triggered, it stimulates the transportation chain of electrons that promotes sugar ingestion. Both substances have the ability to specifically hinder complicated 1 which belongs to the electron transfer chain. This reduces the efficacy of this AP manufacturing process that your body interprets as being to a fasted state or a restricted-calorie diet.

It’s important to note here that there now isn’t enough proof to show how the action mechanism of these compounds works but accessible research does show that Berberine reduces LDL cholesterol that’s the harmful type of cholesterol. On the flip side, Metformin reduces the amount of triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and fatty acid levels in the human body.


Evidence indicates that both of these compounds are in fact complementary.

Based on research done on mice, Berberine can actually promote healthful lactic acid levels when used along with Metformin.

In a nutshell, when comparing Berberine vs Metformin they have more things in common than they have differences.

Sure they may influence your body in various ways but they work on the exact same metabolic pathways, which is why it’s often recommended to use them in conjunction if your intention is to achieve physical longevity.


Metformin and Berberine are definitely the most obvious geroprotectors on the market. Though they’re famed for boosting longevity and optimum health, there’s no definitive proof to fully support these claims.

Metformin is a prescription drug that you may only undergo the recommendation of your physician.

Berberine, on the other hand, is an over-the-counter drug that’s relatively easy and affordable to access. However, it is still a fantastic idea to consult with your doctor before you purchase it.

If you’re looking for a Berberine nutritional supplement to purchase, be sure to look at its absorption speed and be sure you’re buying it from a company that gets it from reputable producers and suppliers.


I now use a supplement that contains Berberine but also other very excellent ingredients to lower blood glucose.

This product is by far among the greatest insulin mimetic’s you can buy. It functions as a nutrient partitioner and carbohydrate catalyst.

The product I’m speaking about is SLIN by Improved Athlete.


As you can see, both Metformin versus Berberine offer excellent health benefits, from reducing cholesterol amounts to controlling blood pressure and assisting your cells to work better.

Both of these chemicals are excellent at helping your body to thrive, and with all these similarities it’s tough to select a winner.

However, if we needed to choose between berberine vs metformin, then we would definitely suggest Berberine.

This is one of those very few available compounds that are able to activate AMPK. This sets into motion a series of events that enables your body to regenerate from a molecular level.

Some of the key benefits offered by Berberine comprise”updating’ certain molecular goals through the unique major organs inside our bodies, regulating the metabolism, encouraging healthy glucose levels and helping to get rid of unhealthy cholesterol.

If you have personally compared berberine on metformin, then let me know down in the comments.

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