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All You Need To Know About Phenibut


All You Need To Know About Phenibut

Commonly sold under the names Anvifen, Noofen or even the homophonic Fenibut, Phenibut is also known as the “Happy Drug.” The Happy Drug tag is the result of Phenibut’s capacity to boost happy hormones in the body, which helps you shrug away the gloomy, depressive state of mind. We’ll be talking about all the essential aspects which you need to know about Phenibut – read on to know more:

Reduction of anxiety:
Phenibut works wonders to help tackle anxiety and stress. Immediate relief has been noted with the intake of this drug, making it one of the most looked out for drugs to help deal with stress-related issues.

Deal with alcoholism:

Phenibut also helps to kick off addictions, especially that of alcoholism. It has been successfully administered to alcoholics, and the positive benefits have been observed too.

Like every drug, Phenibut too comes with its own side effects. Some of these are as follows:
Although Phneibut is the happy drug, too much of anything makes a mess. And that’s precisely what happens here – excessive consumption of phenibut ruins the happy state of mind and brings in increased anxiety.

Nausea accompanies with diseases and headache is a prominent symptom of phenibut overdose. A carefully monitored intake of phenibut is extremely essential to prevent this from happening.

While consuming phenibut, special care has to be taken by the following people:
Intolerance to Phenibut:

Those who are intolerant to phenibut, first and foremost have to steer clear from it. In case you have any such intolerance, make it known to your doctor right away to avoid any further complications.

Pregnant women/lactating mothers:
The hormones of this category are already raging – so adding a drug to bring in euphoria is a big no. Experimenting at such crucial stages should be completed avoided.


Liver illness:
If you have a history of liver illnesses, stay away from phenibut. Phenibut has the capacity to aggravate any kind of liver illnesses, making you more susceptible and open to liver ailments.

Should not be combined with alcohol:
While it may seem super tempting, phenibut should not be combined with alcohol in any case. The resulting dangerous consequences are hard to tackle with any other medications.

Any drug has to be taken under strict medical guidance. Overuse of this drug can end up with you having serious side-effects. While there are medications to combat these side effects, they can get out of control and fatal too.

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